Creative Coaching with Robert Ressler, Ph.D.

If you're seeking fuller, more authentic and creative expression in your life, I offer a coaching and counseling service that can help. For fifteen years as a coach/counselor and for many years before that as a university professor and psychotherapist, I've been helping people recognize and free their talents to find a better life direction and more satisfaction.

I've helped aspiring, emerging, and established artists, musicians, and writers gain the personal and creative fulfillment they seek. Many clients have been people in midlife or beyond who want to revive dormant or neglected parts of themselves to follow new and exciting paths in life. Others have been young adults who haven't yet found the kind of work that's right for them, or found something outside of paid work that they truly enjoy and care deeply about. Still others have been people in a period of transition, facing new opportunities or uncertainties about what direction to take. Such times can be worrisome, but they’re also very fertile, when important choices are made and outside support can prove especially valuable.

A comment from a former client:

"There are those who help with their minds and those who help with their hearts.
  Dr. Ressler is that rare individual who does both simultaneously."

If you're curious about whether I can be of help to you, send me an email or give me a call at 415-289-2212 so we can set up a time for a free initial phone consult.

I can help you with:

  • Gaining more trust in yourself, clarifying your goals, and getting support for reaching them.
  • Staying motivated, focused, and productive in the face of doubts, rejections, confusion, or too many choices.
  • Overcoming inner demons,  dysfunctional habits, blocks, procrastination, distraction, etc.
  • Understanding why it's hard sometimes to fully be who you are and do what you love. Learn how to make it easier.
  • Finding ways that work best for you to meet the real-world challenges of time, money, and the marketplace.
  • Building a full and creative life that's sustainable.

Send me an email or call me at 415-289-2212
to set up a time for a free initial phone consult.

I see clients in my San Francisco office and
also can schedule phone and Skype sessions.

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